Our Mission

Help our clients reduce their dependence on trading hours for dollars by offering products that allow them to create “evergreen” income sources.

(So they can spend more time doing things that they actually want to do!)


I consider myself to be very driven to succeed but not at the cost of my relationship with my daughter.

I’ve heard many women share the negative impact of an absent father so I won’t accept that standard for myself.

If you want to earn trust and respect from your kids there’s no substitute for time.

So how do you have the time to be a great parent and achieve ambitions financial and business goals?

The only answer that made any sense was to find a way of generating an income that didn’t require trading my time for money.

we use evergreen marketing


What do we do?  Well, we specialize in email marketing because we believe (when done right) a list of active email subscribers is a huge asset to your business.

While email is the centerpiece of what we do, we offer a range of products specifically designed to help you generate an ongoing income, rather than a “by the hour” income.


All of our educational resources,  marketing, products, and product delivery are all done in a time-leveraged way.

This gives us first-hand experience with the challenges ahead of you as you begin creating your evergreen and time-leveraged income sources.  Simply put, we use what we promote!

Ohh yeah, one last thing…  If you think business should be all serious and not the time or place for a laugh, then Evergreen Solutions probably isn’t for you. 

I tried being miserable for about 4 years and found it sucks.  I like to find reasons to laugh and can’t think of any good reason why fun should be kept separate from business as long as it doesn’t impact productivity or results. So if we can have a laugh while we work, great! Even if it’s at the expense of my big nose, crooked teeth, or left ear that sticks out twice as far as the right for some reason, that’s fine with me!

Evergreen Solutions CEO

"We found a gap in the market that was an opportunity to serve customers better."

Matt Cinnamond, C.E.O.

Evergreen Solutions

A Unique Approach
To Web Design

Previously there were two options for building a website… Use a “no code required” D.I.Y. website builder with a low-cost monthly fee or be prepared to outlay thousands up front to get it built for you.

We found a staggering number of small businesses and start-ups that struggled with the large upfront investment but didn’t have the time or inclination to build a website themselves.

So we decided to combine the major benefits of both options and provide a done-for-you website with a low-cost monthly fee, no lock-in contracts, or large up-front deposits.

Our N.E.M. Philosophy

Our aim was to provide products that would allow you to have things done for you, for No Extra Money than what it would cost you to do it yourself.

Here are some examples:

web developmet icon


Done for you websites for less than the monthly cost of the world's largest D.I.Y. website builder

online courses

Online Courses

Done for you courses for less than the monthly cost of the world's largest D.I.Y. course builder

premium video hosting

Video Hosting

Premium video hosting for less than what you would pay buying direct

So you might like the idea of doing something yourself but if you can have it done for you at the same price or less, it's an offer almost too good to refuse!

about Matt

About Matt

Email Marketing Specialist...
and has been referred to as "Best Dad Eva"
(by at least one person)

When it comes to problem solving computer automation issues for marketing, video, database and CRM platforms Matt is arguably Australia’s top automation expert. His logical mind maps, in-depth knowledge of the most current and powerful CRM database programs such as ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Groove Funnels coupled to his extensive marketing and sales funnel genius have made him the number one choice for some of Australia’s top marketing and sales specialists.

Specialising in gaining leveraged results for medium to large sized enterprises, Matt’s uncanny ability to create seamless automation with websites, video marketing and CRM platforms with a personal touch is a small hinge that can open large doors in target markets. Matt can also help you with content delivery
to clients in order to save time, reduce data entry errors and increase conversions. In today’s electronic era this can make a huge difference to obtaining that desired customer or prospect response that you seek.

If your company is just starting out and needs customer automation that is robust and effective with a personal touch then a consult with Matt or his team may be worth its weight in gold. Similarly if your company is currently experiencing integration issues with your current platforms or you are looking to stand out from your competitors with a more personalised, automated and effective approach then a consult would be highly recommended.

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