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(If you're seeing this message you'll just need to consider yourself lucky to be one of the few "Netclicks Beta testers". One day you'll be able to tell your grandchildren about it... It's no different to the people who brag that they knew Michael Jordan or Elon Musk before they were famous... only better)

Epilogue: Coffee Club

You look down at your watch, he’s more than an hour late. Every other day he walked into the coffee shop at the exact same time, almost to the second.

“Excuse me,” you say to the waitress.

“Yes,” she says as she turns to face you.

“Before I got here today, did you happen to see that guy who has been sitting here chatting to me the past couple of days?”

“What guy?” She responds looking confused.

“The guy who was sitting with me right there yesterday. He’s a regular here, his name is Matt. He was wearing a red leather jacket,” you say as if it should be obvious.

“There was no guy, you were on your own the whole time yesterday and the day before. Just like you always do.”

As she turns to walk away, you wonder how that could even be possible.

Was that all … a dream?

You look back to your computer and go to your inbox. There are six emails from Email On-Demand.

Beside your computer, you notice something you didn’t notice earlier.

It’s a business card.

As you slowly lower the card, you can’t decide if the waitress had somehow missed seeing Matt the whole time he was here or if you are losing your mind?


(there will be more Email On-Demand stories but they will be mixed in with my regular emails)

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